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Quality Dental Crowns in Lansing

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Cracked, broken, or infected teeth can cause you a lot of distress and pain. At Downtown Dental Studio, we are pleased to offer excellent dental crowns that complete your smile, strengthening teeth and reducing discomfort. We always strive to put your overall health and comfort at the forefront of everything we do. Whether you need a crown to cap a tooth with a large cavity or a dental implant to replace a tooth, we can help.


Proudly serving the Grand Ledge, Waverly, and Charlotte communities in Greater Lansing, we look forward to meeting you and learning how we can restore you to good oral health. Our friendly team will be there every step of the way to assist you in going from feeling distressed to confident about your dental health. We truly love what we do and value the opportunity to provide quality dental care to the residents of Lansing. Contact our practice today and discover how our dental crowns can complete your smile!


What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed over damaged or broken teeth, or secured to dental implant posts when replacing teeth. Our traditional crowns will encase your whole tooth, strengthening and restoring function while filling in unwanted gaps in your smile. Our dental crown restorations are versatile treatments and can be placed anywhere, from beautiful front teeth to sturdy molars.

At our practice, we strive to always preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible. However, if your problem tooth is unsalvageable, we offer skilled extractions and dental implants to replace it. Implant-supported crowns can help preserve the health of your jawbone and will be strong, permanent additions that fit seamlessly between your existing teeth. Our dentist will consult with you about which of our restorative services can best fit your needs.

Our Process for Placing Tooth Crowns

Our process for getting a tooth-saving crown is straightforward and can be summed up in three phases. To cut down on the time you're dealing with a painful or troublesome tooth, we have streamlined our process to help you get peace of mind about your oral health fast. The phases of your treatment will include:

Oral Exam: Our dentist will perform a thorough oral exam when you come in for your first visit. We'll closely examine your problem tooth or teeth, the surrounding structures, and the health of your gums. After collecting the necessary diagnostic information, we can determine if a dental crown can restore your natural tooth.

Cleaning, Repair & Temporary Crown: After determining a crown is right for you, we thoroughly clean and prepare your tooth for the placement of a temporary restoration. Once your tooth is ready, we create precise impressions and send them to a trusted dental laboratory, where your restoration will be carefully crafted. Our practice usually recommends zirconia or IPS e.max® because of their strength and durability, but we're happy to discuss materials that fit your comfort and needs. Before you leave, we will place a temporary crown so you'll have a functional tooth while you wait for the restoration to be created.

Permanent Dental Crown Placement: Once the lab has completed your restoration and we have received it, you'll return for the placement of your permanent crown. We'll remove the temporary crown and prepare the tooth for the final restoration. Your prosthetic tooth will then be cemented firmly to ensure a strong bond that will last for many years with proper care.

If our dentist determines we can't restore your natural tooth, we will offer extraction services and skilled dental implants. Our team offers in-office dental post implants you can trust, including pre-implant extractions and bone grafts.

Is a Dental Bridge Right for Me?

Dental bridges are a great option if you're missing multiple teeth in a row. Whether anchored on either end by dental implant posts or your existing teeth, bridges offer a great way to span the gap of missing teeth and complete your smile.

Our practice offers bridges that will fit into your smile seamlessly, providing a flexible treatment option for replacing multiple missing teeth without placing implant posts at each tooth position. Our dentist will talk to you about your best bridge options, including style, materials, and whether you should receive a traditional or implant-supported bridge. We also offer repair services if your bridge has been broken or damaged.

Restoring Teeth With Crowns in Lansing

At Downtown Dental Studio, we're passionate about getting you back to living a full, healthy life free from the pain and stress an affected tooth can cause. Whether you receive urgent root canal therapy and need a crown or you have a broken tooth impacting your smile's function, our team is committed to helping you.

We do everything we can to see patients with compromised teeth as quickly as possible and value being able to help provide calm in a distressing situation. Schedule an appointment today to find out how we can complete your smile!



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