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Our Extensive Lansing Dental Services

If you're looking for a new dentist to trust with your oral health needs, our office accepts new patients. When you come in for your initial visit, we'll begin with a detailed exam that checks your entire smile. Afterward, our friendly dentist will sit down with you to craft your personalized treatment plan. She'll ask you questions about your medical history and any current medications you're taking to better understand which of our services is right for you.

A Team-Wide Emphasis on Education

A crucial component to our Lansing dental services is taking the time to educate you about the importance of proper oral hygiene and the connection between your oral health and the rest of your body. Dental issues like gum disease and infected teeth can lead to broader health complications like sepsis, heart disease, and increased risk of diabetes. At Downtown Dental Studio, our dental care centers around your entire body for better overall health.

Preventive Care for You & Yours

Our Lansing dentist and her team are committed to giving you and your family the preventive tools you need to protect your oral health at home. Whether we're explaining proper brushing techniques or how to spot dental decay, we're committed to giving you the tools you need to care for your smile. We're more than happy to answer questions about at-home care techniques.

Improving & Protecting Your Smile

At Downtown Dental Studio, we pair comprehensive oral health care with a warm, friendly chairside manner to give you a dental experience like no other. From teeth whitening to root canal therapy, we have the dental services you need to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. Call our Lansing dental practice today to schedule your appointment!


Let our dedicated specialists help you achieve your ideal smile!



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